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Print Media

1. NewsNation Story and the "Child Support to Prison Pipeline" 

2. Excerpt of Prisons of Debt from Inquest 

3. Los Angeles Times OpEd on Child Support Enforcement

4. Contexts Magazine Profile of Haney's research

5. Florida NPR on Child Support Debt

6. Detroit Free Press story on Incarceration and Debt

7. Newsday OpEd on Child Support Debt in New York

8. "Rituals of Humiliation in Child Support Systems." Article on Prisons of Debt Book Panel at LSA conference, published in Spanish

9. Boston Review Article on Prisons of Debt and the Family Policing System

Other Media

1. Unreleased, Documentary on Child Support Debt and Enforcement

2. Interview about Prisons of Debt on radio show "Correct Me If I'm Norm

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